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Five fashion trends for summer 2023

 Turn up the heat this summer with the season's best fashion trends

Spring is only a few weeks away, but summer is already here. I can feel the sun thawing the ground to make way for flora, fauna and the best fashions of summer 2023. With time flying by in a funny way (crazy, I know), the hottest season of the year will be here before we know it. Luckily, there's still plenty of time to style your in-between seasons wardrobe, which includes everything from summer dresses and half-moon wedding guest bags to the best riding boots. The big question now is: what to wear?

To give you a starting point for your summer look, I've tapped Libby Jane Page, Marketing Director at Net-a-Porter, to share her insider's view of the fashion trends that will be everywhere in June. The key: this summer you can get both sides of the coin." It's clear that the Spring/Summer 2023 season has two halves, proving that understated elegance and sleek black designs can be just as impressive as luxe pieces with liquid sparkle and vibrant floral moments," she says. There are both sheer, sleek looks for the humid 38-degree forecast and luxe pieces to combat the steamy air conditioning, as well as a few other eye-catching looks in between. (All of which pair perfectly with the best jewelry trends for summer 2023.) Scroll below to see what Paige is focusing on in terms of this summer's top trends.

Tranquil luxury

If you haven't heard, casual luxury, also known as "simple luxury," is in vogue right now, according to Page. And if you need more proof, just take a look at the tsunami of press that Gwyneth Paltrow's style caused in the courtroom. "This season marked the return of simplicity to our everyday closets and proved that elegance without frills is the height of luxury," Page says. "The Row, Bottega Veneta and Savette led the trend for simple luxury, with requests for them up 185%, 75% and 550%, respectively."

Back to black

Regardless of the season, you can't go wrong with black. According to Page, it is "one of fashion's favorite colors." Although one may be surprised that black is a new color, the marketing director pointed out that black from head to toe is at the forefront of summer fashion trends. "Black is not usually associated with summer, but this season has shown that after a few seasons of dopamine outfits, it is still fashion's favorite color." Paige suggests dresses and necklines to beat the heat in black this summer.

The best stripped

Warm summer nights? Wear them and dress less. "This trend represents a new wave of evening wear: a complete departure from the intense glamour that has dominated past seasons in favor of a more subdued approach that addresses nudity in a subtle and chic way," she explains. "Saint Laurent has made this mood its own by continuing the theme of its pre-spring 2023 collection and showcasing 10 revealing gowns." Of course, not all your looks have to be evening looks: during the day, you can always opt for sheer garments.

Magpie Moments

Just because understated, understated looks are a summer trend doesn't mean that glittery, flashy garments are being pushed aside, so don't put your glittery summer cocktail dress aside just yet! Paige tells us that the spring 2023 runways were glittering with sequins, sequins and crystals. "We saw a new guard of designers emerge to lead the way in evening wear, from Nancy Dojac who showed the excellent evolution of the brand, to 16ARLINGTON and Laquan Smith," she says.

Flower power

The latter is not surprising, because what would summer be without colorful flowers?" Flowers at the turn of spring and summer are nothing new, but this season, take them to the next level with a three-dimensional design from the Magda Butrym collection that simply stands out. If you're not feeling so bright about your fashion preferences, soothe them with a chic rose necklace," shares Paige. This will also be a major fashion trend for fall 2023 when temperatures drop, making it a great investment in your closet."

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