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Cheap Travel 2023: 5 Savings Tips That Really Matter

 Are you already thinking about where to go this year? So are we! As the times require, it's best to stick to reasonable prices and not be an absolute climate sin. Here are 5 tips to help you travel more eco-friendly.

Money is tight, but you don't want to go on a package tour and would rather see the world in a more eco-friendly way? Just follow a few tips. It's best to choose countries that can be reached by train. It doesn't have to be much more expensive than flying. It is also an advantage to choose a country where recycling is possible and where there are high environmental standards. We will tell you what else you can look out for.

5 cheap tips for eco-friendly travel

1. live close by 

If you choose the right destination, you can save a lot of CO₂ emissions by choosing to travel by train instead of flying. You can easily reach countries such as Austria or Italy by train and then continue your journey by public transport. It is also often cheaper than hiring a car locally. 

In general, we recommend always weighing up when flying really makes sense. If you're going to spend a week in a European country, the first step should always be to check for good rail connections. Here, as with flying, the earlier you book your ticket, the better. So plan your itineraries in advance. This will help you save money. You can also find cheap train or bus flights through Omio.

2. lack of mass tourism. 

Overcrowded attractions and beaches are not only often expensive because of the hype, as monstrous entrance fees are charged, but they are also real climate disrupters. In fact, trash is often left on the beaches. So our advice for an inexpensive trip is to broaden your horizons and focus on places that aren't visited by crowds of tourists. This is often much quieter for your own well-being and thus is a classic win-win situation.

3. accommodation options 

Accommodations are also critical to how affordable and eco-friendly your trip will be. One option is to sign up for couch surfing sites and rent from locals through them. You can also often get lodging in exchange for work - for example, at farms that do organic farming. 

If you prefer something more classic, you can look for hotels with a strong emphasis on sustainability. So-called eco-hostels or hotels are often not even more expensive and are therefore a great alternative for your next budget vacation.

4. use "green" apps 

With "green" apps, you'll also be well advised while on vacation. On Fair Trip, you can find local restaurants and insider tips that are often cheaper than the well-known chains. There's also a selection of cheap lodging and places to stay. If you're looking for inexpensive vegetarian or vegan restaurants, you should definitely have the Happy Cow app on your cell phone.

5. light luggage. 

The larger your luggage, the more CO₂ you throw away when you carry things. It does not matter whether you are traveling by plane or by bus. So the rule is: try to pack as lightly as possible. It's also beneficial financially, because no one likes to pay for extra weight at the airport, which can be quite expensive if we're not careful.

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