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Clothing for winter: 13 fashion tips for cold weather

Consider these fashion ideas to stay warm and look good this winter.

1. wear three layers. 

    Your base layer can be silk underwear, a merino wool turtleneck sweater and leggings - thin, moisture-wicking basics that will keep you warm without making you sweat. Your middle layer can be a thick fleece for insulation. And the outer layer - a winter coat or parka - serves as a barrier against wind and rain.

2. Keep your clothes tight. 

    Tight-fitting clothing helps prevent wind chill. Replace jeans with wide legs with skinny jeans, which also provide visual balance to thick knit sweaters and chunky boots. Wear fleece-lined tights or leggings under skirts and dresses to keep your legs warm.

3.Wear long coats.

     Short, baggy pants may be trendy, but if you want to stay warm, you need to cover your entire torso. Make sure you have at least one long sweater and a jacket for the colder days.

4. Accept that you can also combine sweaters with skirts.

     Try a chunky cable knit sweater with a knee-length pencil skirt. Wider maxi and midi skirts also go well with sweaters: try the French pleat and wear an eye-catching belt to balance the look.

5. Choose the right kind of down. 

    Down is an ideal material to stay warm as it is both lightweight and insulating. However, when it gets wet, it quickly loses its bulk. Synthetic down is heavier, but can withstand rain. In rainy weather, you will need synthetic down or a separate rain cover to protect your down jacket.

6. invest in wool.

      Moisture-wicking wool will keep you warm and dry throughout the day. If wool is itchy, opt for merino wool and cashmere. Merino is a lightweight wool that makes a great base layer: Try a simple merino turtleneck sweater and leggings for the ultimate winter base layer. Cashmere is a soft wool that will keep you warm. It's a great option for work-appropriate cardigans and comfortable hats.

7.Avoid cotton.

     Cotton is a great breathable material, but it retains a lot of water, which makes it less ideal for winter. Save plaid flannel shirts, corduroy pants and college sweatshirts for fall and spring. If you have wool pants, wear them instead of jeans.

8.Think of an original coat.

     If you wear the same winter coat every day, you need to feel comfortable in it. Instead of the same old neutral colors, you can opt for a puffy down jacket or an elegant wool coat in a bold color.

9. Treat your hat, gloves and scarf like accessories. 

    If you wear the same winter coat every day, you can alternate with different scarves, hats and gloves. A colorful cashmere hat can add a touch of color to a dark winter look. Also, adding a beanie is an easy way to keep your whole body warm.

10, Make sure your clothes are weatherproof.

     Take your favorite boots to a cobbler before winter to warm them up and make them waterproof. If necessary, spray your Mackintoshoes with waterproofing spray. You don't want to find that your shoe has a hole in it or your jacket is no longer waterproof on the first day of winter when it rains or snows.

11. Choose shoes with soles. 

    If you live in an area where there is snow, choose shoes with soles so you don't slip on the ice. Wear them over thick wool socks to avoid frostbite.

12.Reuse your favorites for warm weather.

     Layer your favorite dress over a turtleneck sweater and complete the look with ankle boots for a fun and festive winter outfit. Flowy skirts and short-sleeved tees aren't a no-no, as long as you have a solid base layer underneath.

13. play with texture. 

    Winter fashion doesn't have to be boring. Add texture to your look with ribbed and hand-knit cardigans, faux fur coats, shearling jackets, leather pants and fleece jackets.

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