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How to choose the Perfect Suit For Your Body Type?


Nothing degrades your style faster than a poor-quality suit. We often see men wearing jackets that are too big.

 Too big, too long, and too old-fashioned.

Fortunately, you don't need to spend your entire paycheck on a brand-name suit, you just need to find the right suit for your body type. Here's how it works. 


If you're short in stature, wear a two-button jacket: it's longer in the torso. Make sure your jacket ends about 10 inches below your hips, and make sure your pants aren't ripped to make you look taller.

Color also makes a big difference. Instead of a jacket and pants, wear a medium-dark suit, as a consistent color from head to toe will help elongate your body. 


If you have a thick torso, avoid large, bold prints, such as glass teeth and dogs, and use vertical stripes instead. They look up and down, not sideways.

Two-button suits also lift the shoulders, elongate the torso and instantly make you look slimmer.


The trend in men's suits is back to wider lapels. Stick to a slim or standard lapel - no more than 5 centimeters wide - so it's in proportion to your build.

We also like the double-cut for slim guys because the layer on top of the fabric adds volume. In this case, it's good because it gives more volume to the cage.


For a tall guy, it's best to choose a jacket with three buttons. The third button will fit his height, unlike a suit with two buttons, which will further stretch the figure.

However, you should avoid cutting the jacket and pants. This trend looks good on guys of average height, but on you, it looks like you've outgrown the suit.

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