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What to do if the rose refuses to wake up

 It is quite warm, in the flower bed plants not only unfolded the leaves, but have already bloomed, most roses have long given new shoots, and a few dry bushes sadly stick out of the ground and do not even think of waking up.

Does this picture sound familiar? I see it in the rose garden almost every year. At least one bush, but certainly does not want to turn green and enjoy bright leaves.

I will tell you exactly what you should not do in such a case categorically - do not rush and remove the bush, which seems to have dried up.

This is not a fact - it happens that frozen roses give new shoots even in August, so do not rush to get upset, but try to perform some procedures aimed at reanimating your favorite plant.

For starters, if it's been a few weeks since you opened the rose, but there are no shoots, do what you did in April again - loosen the soil, apply a nitrogen-dominant compound fertilizer and water the rose thoroughly with warm water and dissolve a growth stimulant like HB-101, which is a very good way to "wake" a rose.

If you did not cut the rose in autumn, cut away all the dry branches so that the cuttings are at ground level. Use only a sharp pruner, this is important.

Do not take the advice of some amateurs to pour boiling water on it - I do not know what this strange procedure is, but it will not do any good. Too radical measures are best avoided, too great a chance of harm. Just loosen the soil around the roots and water the rose properly with warm water.

Keep in mind that live buds can be preserved in the deepest part of the roots and they need time to get stronger and break through to the surface. It is exactly the kind of live buds that have just begun to grow that I found on a bush that I decided to remove in the full belief that it had died out.

Check whether the grafting is too deep; this too is important and can be fatal. If left on the surface the graft will freeze, and if it is covered with soil (especially heavy clay soil), the rose will simply suffocate.

So control it - after you have opened the rose, you do not want it too high up on the grafting site, it must be able to breathe.

You may need to water the rose again with water and a growth stimulant if it refuses to show any sign of life. Usually two or three such procedures are enough to make the plant come to life.

Keep in mind that the shoots of a dead rose turn black after a while. So if the rose looks dry, but there is no blackness, there is a good chance that everything will be okay.

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