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How to train in the summer heat?

 Hot weather is not a reason to stop training. That's what the show "Ottak Mastak" on the UFO TV channel says. The experts gathered five important tips on how to train in the summer heat. And today they share their experience with us.

When and how much water should I drink?

How to train in summer in the heat? Let's start with water, which one drinks before and during a workout. It not only helps replenish the loss of fluids, electrolytes and minerals in the body, but also lowers the body temperature. If a person loses more than 2-3% of fluid, a very active overheating begins. That is why 400-500 ml of liquid should be drunk an hour and a half before the exertion. After this time, the liquid will no longer be in the stomach and will not cause discomfort during the workout. This way you can increase your endurance and improve the performance of the exercise. It is important to remember to take water with you and to drink a little during your workout.

As for drinks, it is best to choose those that contain a small amount of sugar. For example, those that contain is o maltose, which provides energy not only at the start, but also throughout the workout, will do well. If there is no such possibility, it is worth adding at least a slice of lemon or a little orange juice to ordinary water. The acidity provided by fruit will provoke the secretion of saliva, and the mouth will not feel dry.

And if working out at the gym?

Here it depends a lot on the conditions your fitness club provides. If there is an air conditioning system that provides good training conditions, and specifically a temperature of +18°C to +21°C, then there won't be any peculiarities in the hot season. The only thing is better to try not to stand directly under the air conditioner for a long time. If there are no normal conditions and you do not tolerate the heat very well, reduce the training program:

.reduce the total number of approaches and weight;

Increase the rest time between approaches.

All this is necessary for you to have time to recover and for your body temperature to drop.

Is the heat an aid to weight loss?

How to train in the summer in the heat for people who are overweight? They need to drink more and try to choose such a time and conditions for training that the temperature is as comfortable as possible. And in no case you should not wrap yourself in warm clothes to sweat more. This can lead to dehydration, and it will not help to lose weight.

The high temperature will encourage people to reduce the amount of diet, which will affect the caloric intake and help lose weight. Often in the heat a person tries to be outdoors less and not to be active at all. And this is yet another reason to eat less. And even without rigid diets, the result will appear if a person will consume fewer calories than he or she spends.

Is it necessary to eat after the workout if you don't feel like it?

Recovery after a workout is primarily related to the energy consumed. If a person refuses to eat, there will be no normal recovery.

It is necessary to try to fill the protein-carbohydrate window in the first 40 minutes after an intensive workout, both cardio and power. Carbohydrate and protein-carbohydrate cocktails will come in handy here as never before, you can make them from ordinary products. You don't need to eat meat in hot weather, just eat cottage cheese and don't worry that you won't get enough protein.

Cardio exercise in the heat: what is the best choice?

The type of cardio exercise is important for professional athletes. For them, a sudden change of load can badly affect the result of the workout. The amateur, on the other hand, can choose any comfortable type of training and change it depending on their feelings and desires.

Of course, summer is perfect for swimming. But if you like to run, no need to give it up: just pick the right conditions. The choice depends on each person individually and their degree of fitness.

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