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Important ََAdvice Before Marriage

 The premarital consultation group is important for you.

Every young person and every girl who is going to get married, if you want to live a happy family life, give advice before marriage, which you should know, which certainly includes the fact that marriage is a great responsibility and not just a joy, dress or costume, but a sacred bond, which requires each person to make concessions and sacrifices to ensure that the marital relationship continues to succeed. If you are my dear young man on the verge of marriage, and if you are my dear young woman on the verge of marriage, we are pleased, through Educate Yourself website, that we provide a set of tips for those who are going to get married, so keep reading until you know them and can live a healthy and happy family life.

Advice before marriage

The advice before marriage concerns all of you

1- You must take constant care of your partner and not neglect them.

During the step, both the bride and groom are very close and eager to be with each other, to sit together and take care of each other, and after the marriage the degree of interest and care may decrease, which is a dangerous issue and threatens the continuation of the marital relationship, and therefore you must maintain the amount of interest in your partner after the marriage, as it was during the engagement days. And because you became one heart in two bodies after the marriage, and one mind in two bodies. So what makes him sad will make you sad, what worries him, and what occupies his mind occupies your thinking.

2- Do not focus in your partner only on the negative aspects.

Of course, after you get married, you will start discovering new qualities in your partner, and you will be able to discover them for the first time. So you should expect this and try to live with these qualities and know how to treat them, or at best you know the key to your partner's personality and know what makes him/her happy and what makes him/her sad. Always focus on the half cup and look at its merits and do not focus on its shortcomings just because the least principle of love that should exist between spouses is to accept its shortcomings as well as its advantages.

3- Understanding in an intimate relationship

The success of an intimate relationship between spouses is considered to be one of the foundations of success in a marital relationship, and therefore, first of all, you must have a complete understanding and organization of the relationship, and it is also necessary that none of the people around you, even if they are closest to you, do not know the secrets of your life and your intimate relationship, and the husband must adhere to what the Creator said. The Almighty in His relationship with His wife, where the Almighty said: "And come to share you.

4- Stop comparing your partner with others.

Comparison of your partner with others is a question that bothers him and even hurts him, because he feels as if you prefer another person to him, even if you do not tell him about it, he feels through your words about someone that you prefer him to him, and so the wife must be convinced of her husband and never compare him to other men, and the husband must also be convinced of his wife and not compare her with other women, because it builds bridges of lack of confidence in himself and his life partner, and it threatens the stability and continuation of the marital relationship.

5- Feel that your partner values him.

Thankfulness and respect are the basis of any successful relationship, especially if the marital relationship, so you should always show gratitude to your partner and talk about him with confidence and try to hide his shortcomings from the eyes of others, it is the right of the husband over his wife and wife over her husband, as some husbands and wives They go too far talking about the shortcomings and shortcomings of their partner, or friends, parents or sisters, and it is wrong, because there should be gratitude and respect from each of them to the other.

6- Pay attention to your partner's problems and thoughts.

When you become a husband and when you become a wife, you should consider her problems and her problems, like yours and your concerns, and try to share your thoughts and know what he thinks and what he wants and how you can help him solve his problem, it will increase the strength of the relationship between you. It also increases the mutual understanding between the spouses, because if you left him without help in solving his problems, be sure that he will look for others to solve his problems, and thus, the gap between you will increase and thus threaten the stability and success of the marital relationship.

7- You must organize your time and give your partner part of your time.

It is very important that you organize your time between home and work, not working hours, because your partner has the right to find you close to him and feel that his life after marriage is different from his life before marriage, because the husband's stay at home and here stands out, because most families Husband is only the one who works with him, making sure that his home is given a part of his time, and he does not save his time at home, because married life is based not only on material but also on understanding, dialogue and participation in everything.

8- Do not let your parents interfere with your married life.

Involvement of parents, whether it is the husband's family or the wife's family, in marital disputes, because it is a dangerous issue that threatens the continuation of the relationship in a good and smooth future. On the contrary, the husband and wife should strive to solve their problems on their own, without resorting to a third party, as the entry of a third party may exacerbate the crisis. This escalates into big problems and leads to separation and divorce, God forbid.

9- Building harmony with your partner

There should be some kind of intellectual and mental compatibility and harmony between husband and wife, because it would increase the degree of love between the spouses, and you know what your partner thinks without talking, so he feels part of it, you know what's going on in his mind, and you know what he wants before he asks you, or something is required from you, because harmony and intellectual harmony is considered one of the strong and effective pillars to create a quiet and successful family life, and even an ideal for the family.

10 You should teach your husband to cry all the time.

A victorious and successful wife is the one who makes her husband attached to her and does not think about other things all the time, so make sure that you always appear in front of him with an elegant and beautiful appearance and do not make your work in the house and kitchen distract you from decorating your husband, But always be beautiful in his eyes and calm down, always hold a smile and don't give him Daytime doses of milk fatigue, which makes your husband hate married life and hate staying at home, so from time to time make your husband hold on to it and prepare beautiful surprises for him.

Medical consultations for those who ask for help during marriage:

1- Husband and wife should seek medical advice immediately before marriage

 to find answers to all questions and concerns that revolve in their minds, because the specialist physician here is the most faithful and the best who answers these questions better than family or friends.

2- Some important medical tests, such as sugar analysis, for example, 

anemia, and the detection of any other diseases, such as heart disease, for example, must be made and work to treat these diseases and know how to avoid any consequences of these diseases after marriage.

It is also necessary to examine the reproductive system and make sure that there are no diseases that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse and know about the ability of both men and women to have children.

4- You should also test for viruses such as virus C, virus A and virus B. If you learn about their existence, God forbid, you will begin to receive treatment and know how to protect your partner from infection.

5- You should avoid close relatives, especially first-degree relatives, such as your uncle's or your maternal uncle's children, as this can lead to more health problems, as well as congenital changes and deformations in children afterwards.

6- There should be age convergence between spouses, as a man should raise a woman for at least five years, as the closer the age between the spouses, the more mental, psychological, intellectual and cultural compatibility is felt between the spouses.

It remains for us to advise every young man and every girl who is going to get married to choose a life partner, who, in their opinion, they will be able to complete with him a journey through life in his good and bad times, and be confident in the other side, whose destiny and destiny will be linked to each other, and feel that you really chose the right person He can make you happy and help you realize your aspirations and dreams for the future with our wishes that every young man and every girl have a happy and successful married life based on values, mutual respect and trust.


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