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Five days of five minutes: a fast and effective workout program

 Not only long workouts can be beneficial, but also short ones that don't take much time. What kind of training?

Short workouts (several times a day) can have a positive effect on excess weight, as can one long workout. In this case, it's the intensity that matters, not the duration. And given that most people are now busy at work from morning till night, it's much more convenient to keep the body toned in this way. There are even separate programs and sets of exercises, aimed at the possibility of performing them during the day. Today we tell you about one of them.

day 1

  1.  Having taken a standard pose for push-ups, take hold of stationary support with one hand so that it is extended. Bend your other arm at the elbow as you do push-ups. Return to the starting position and repeat again, then change hands. Start with two repetitions and gradually increase the number. 
  2.  Sit on a chair and put your hands next to your hips and raise your legs so that your knees are straight and the angle between your body and legs should be 90 degrees. Straighten your arms and lift your body above the surface, hold for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position. 
  3. Stand at a chair or table, grab hold of it and lift your leg. Then squat on one leg, trying to lower your pelvis as low as possible. Return to the starting position. Repeat for the other leg, three repetitions will be enough.

this is an example:

day 2

  1. Stand up straight, feet together, extend your arms in front of you and join them in the palms of your hands. Then jump by putting your legs apart and spreading your arms, and then returning to the starting position. 
  2.  Get into a push-up position, squeeze your abs and pull the knee of your right leg toward your chest. Return to the starting position and repeat the same for the left leg. Alternate legs until you have four full reps, then quickly stand up, take a break, and return to the starting position. Do four more full repetitions.

watch this video for more advice:

Day 3

  1. Perform while lying on your stomach and extending your arms along your body. Spread your upper limbs in a wide arc so that your fingers look up. When your hands are over your lower back, bend them at the elbows so that your thumbs touch each other. Return to the starting position. 
  2.  Get into the push-up position and lower your body so that it almost touches the floor. Hold for three seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat ten times. 

3. Get on all fours, straighten your back. Lift your right leg and left arm off the floor so that they are parallel to your straight back. Hold for five seconds, then return to the starting position and repeat with the other arm and leg. Do 10 repetitions for each side. 

Day 4.

  1.  Stand up straight and start jogging on the spot. Don't raise your knees too high. Running for one minute is enough. 
  2.  Stand up straight, stretch your arms along your body and your feet shoulder-width apart. Start jumping by spreading your legs wide and raising your arms up, and then return to the starting position. Jump for a minute. 
  3.  Stand up and place your feet shoulder-width apart, then crouch down with your hands on the floor in front of you. In an explosive motion, jump out of position so that you are in a push-up position, keeping your body straighter. Without a break, jump out of the position, straightening your body and raising your arms in front of you. Return to the squat position and continue. Perform two approaches of 30 seconds each. 
  4.  Simple push-ups. Stand in a push-up position with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Squeeze your abs, inhale and slowly bend your arms at the elbows until they reach a 90-degree angle. As you exhale, return to the starting position. Repeat ten times.
  5. Stand in a plank with your arms straight. Arms shoulder-width apart, back straight, abs squeezed. Pull your right knee up to your chest, then return to the starting position and pull your left knee up. Without swinging your hips, run this way as far as possible. Repeat 20 times.
These are some examples of push-up types:

 day 5

  1.   Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Bending your legs at the knees, lower yourself to a full crouch. At the bottom, make a powerful jerk and straighten up, and in the air try to touch your knees to your chest. As you land, lower yourself to the squat position and do the exercise again. 
  2.  Do push-ups in the same way as on the fourth day, but with 20 repetitions.
  3. Lie on the floor with your lower back pressed to the surface and your knees bent. Keep your legs hanging over the floor, hands behind your head. Slightly pull your stomach in and slowly lift your right knee up to your chest without taking your back off the floor. Straighten your leg and repeat with your left knee. Rotate your torso so that you touch your right knee with the elbow of your left hand and vice versa. Do 20 repetitions. 

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