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7 deadly and beautiful places in the world

 Acute impressions of such sights are guaranteed, but there is no need to take risks in vain.

The risk, of course, is noble. But is it worth a beautiful photo of your life?

Many tourists seek to visit extreme sights, as well as to touch the history, but the fatal outcome is quite likely - after all, there are dangerous trails, boiling waterfalls and incredible heights.

Death Road

One of the most dangerous roads in the world passes between the cities of La Paz and Coroyco in Bolivia. However, its name speaks for itself - the Road of Death.

It is not a well-appointed, narrow winding road in the mountains, where rockfall, rain, and fog are frequent, and fatal accidents happen at every turn. 

Royal Trail

In Spanish Malaga has its own analog of the Bolivian Road of Death - but even worse. The trail in El Chorro Gorge has appeared as a concrete path to hydroelectric power plants at Chorro and Gaitaneo Falls for builders and workers. It was built on rails driven into rocks.

When in 1921 King Alfonso XIII reached the opening of the Conde del Guadalhorse dam (3 kilometers for a second), the path was named the royal one. Over time, of course, it collapsed, but in 2015 it was opened not so dangerous restored version. 

Devil's Pool

On the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, there is a luxurious waterfall Victoria, where the Devil's Font is located - a famous place at the edge of the waterfall on the island of Livingstone from Zambia. 

In the period from September to December, due to low water level and weak current, you can swim in the calm water a few meters from the 120-meter cliff. Fatal cases are not uncommon, but beautiful!


The main attraction of the Kjorag plateau near the Norwegian Luce-Fjord is the Kjoragbolten stone. 

A large cobblestone hangs at an altitude of one kilometer, squeezed between a pair of vertical rocks. The slightest gust of wind and an extremum climbing on the rock will blow it down. 

Machu Picchu

Above the lost Inca town of Machu Picchu stands the Huayna Picchu Mountain, which has become a pilgrimage site for tourists. 

Previously, human sacrifices were made there, but nowadays the mountain itself collects a tribute to life - a narrow rocky path does not forgive the wrong step. 


Another mountain in China is Huashan, one of the five Holy Mountains of Taoism. There are a huge number of temples, as well as the most difficult way to the top. 

On the trails, it is difficult to miss even two, and the cliffs and lack of fences make the road deadly, especially in bad weather. 

The language of the Troll

Speech on Mount Skjeggedal in Norway called the Troll Language. Here you can feel yourself on the edge of the world - the height of 700 meters above the lake Ringedalsvatn allows you to do it easily.

Usually, everyone tries to climb on the ledge without insurance, which often leads to falls and death. 

All this, of course, is very dangerous, but no worse than, for example, bathing with crocodiles. 

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