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10 best nudist beaches in the world

 If you're feral in self-isolation and have forgotten how to wear clothes, it's time to head to a nudist beach. Which one?

Very soon after the coronavirus pandemic, most countries will open their borders, and tourists will once again be able to conquer unexplored (or, conversely, frequently visited) places. But if you want to "breathe with your whole body" and expose the warm sun absolutely everything, your choice - nudist beaches. 

These secluded and not so places around the world quite a lot. We chose the most picturesque and interesting. 

1. Playa Zipolite, Mexico.

Back in the '60s, hippies took a fancy to this comfortable multi-kilometer beach. Officially it's forbidden to be here without clothes, of course, but like so much else in Mexico, it's only on paper. But if you still fear the wrath of the authorities, there's Playa del Amor nearby, more private, but no cafes or cocktails.


2. bune 16, Sylt, Germany

Sunbathers come to the island of Sylt in the North Sea, all year round. The water, of course, does not get warmer than 17 degrees, but it is possible to avoid the stares, sunbathing without clothes. 

3. Cap d'Agde, Agde, France

The Mediterranean resort of Cap d'Agde is often called the "City of the Naked". Here you can walk naked not only on the beach but also walk into stores, cafes, and the post office. 

4. Playa de Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

The official nudist beach of Ibiza has a great infrastructure and is famous for crazy parties. It's also home to flamingos. 

5. Agesta Beach, Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is basically famous for its reverent attitude to naturalness, so having such a beach in the capital would not surprise anyone. There are picnic areas, barbecues, and rugged Scandinavian nature around. 

6. Neve Midbar, Dead Sea, Israel

A small private resort north of the Dead Sea is the only place in the Middle East where it's legal to be naked in public. You can cover yourself in healing mud from head to toe and wear just a Panama. 

7. Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Greece's most famous nudist beach is a short walk from Matala. There is also a bar on the beach with the best mojitos on the coast. 

8. Valalta, Rovinj, Croatia

This cozy campsite with access to the sea and a swimming pool isn't just for nudists. There's harmony among visitors and entertainment, from sports to historical excursions. 

9. Praia Masarandupio, Bahia, Brazil 

Masarandupio is not easy to get to, so there aren't many people under the shade of palm trees. But the beach has clean sand, perfect waves for surfing, and nude plastic surgery achievements in Brazil. 

10. Patara, Gelemish, Turkey

One of the most picturesque places in the country is famous for the fact that turtles come here from all over the sea to lay their eggs. That's why there are no buildings on the 17 km long beach, so privacy away from noisy restaurants, water parks, and cafes with tourists is guaranteed. 

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