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How to strengthen the back in just 12 weeks?

Strengthen your back in only 12 weeks: With our plan for maximum muscle growth, you are guaranteed to visibly strengthen your back - and prevent pain

A strong back not only looks good, but is also less susceptible to tension and injuries. A well-trained trunk and back musculature acts like a shell, which ensures a better posture, protects you from injuries and relieves the sensitive intervertebral discs.

Plus: Your posture is decisive for how you affect others. You could still work on that? Well, then go ahead! With our ultimate training plan, your strong back will soon become reality. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, the plan provides you with exercises that are tailored to your training level.

What influence does a strong back have on my health?

A strong back has a great influence on your health. Especially in the back, problems such as physical pain can not only be caused by hard physical work. Especially a comfortable lifestyle can have uncomfortable side effects. Because many people sit - in the car, on the train or bus, in a comfortable chair in the office or, at the latest after work at home, on the couch. So many people simply lack movement in their everyday lives. Your posture often suffers visibly from this. After all, it's not for nothing that people talk about the office stallion posture, which is characterized by slumped shoulders, a hunchback and lack of body tension

By the way: A healthy back also requires strong abdominal muscles. If these are atrophied, the back muscles can be as strong as they are, sooner or later such muscular imbalances lead to problems with the back. The abdominal muscles help to flex the trunk, support the spine and influence posture. But also atrophied back extensors or weakly developed buttock muscles often cause pain in the back.

How do you best counteract this? With our training plan for a strong back, which optimizes your entire statics in just 12 weeks. You also train the rest of your body at the same time. So, strengthen your back holistically and prevent unpleasant complaints from arising in the first place!

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