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How to consume less calories without affecting yourself?

  When it's really time to lose weight and it's time to think about how to consume less calories, it gets creepy: you'll have to go hungry. Actually, it is not. And why not?

How to consume less calories - let's start with diet regulation. The first steps will be very simple, but they will help you throw out more than 50 kcal per day (for those who want to burn in 15 minutes to burn 100 + calories - this workout). How to do it - told in the show "Ottack Mastak" on UFO TV channel.

1. Control the amount of ketchup. Most sauces are full of sugar, so if you put on a plate one spoon less ketchup, you won't eat some of this sugar. And to keep the flavor alive, add the spices when cooking. With ready mustard the same story - even add sugar to it.

2. Replace mayonnaise with yogurt. No additives, I see. Salts, if you want. Alternatively, replace the mayonnaise at least twice with the third one. Instead of mayonnaise, you can use soy sauce, balsamic vinegar or nothing - yes, you can, too, and it is delicious.Less sugar in tea and coffee.

 3. It is better to add vanilla, cinnamon or a small spoonful of honey - it is more aromatic than sugar, and can deceive the receptors.

4. Instead of a donut (muffin, piece of cake), eat an oatmeal cookie.

5. How to eat less calories - cook lunch from turkey, not pork.

6. Next time, make soup without potatoes and without noodles.

7. Buy a special oil atomizer and use it when dressing salads or going to fry.

8. Cut a slice of bread for a sandwich thinner. And put doctor's sausage produced according to GOST, not smoked or this delicious bacon on it.

9. Take the skin off the chicken and never eat it at all.

10. Make homemade lemonade, do not buy soda.

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