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How you feel comfortable in your wedding dress

Every bride wants to cut a good figure on her wedding day. Apart from the wedding preparations, there is often little time for an elaborate fitness routine and this is not even necessary. With our tricks you will look fabulous in your wedding dress - and you don't have to do much, just internalize a few important things & make a few small preparations.

Because your partner has asked you to marry him. He wants to share his life with you. Just as you are. So don't worry about your figure in your wedding dress, but enjoy the day and the love around you.

If you suddenly feel insecure, for example because a photographer and videographer is swarming around you all day, we have put together a few tips on how to prepare for the wedding day to feel good and how to boost your self-confidence right away. So you can quickly get back to the really important things and don't have to worry.

Choose a figure-flattering wedding dress

The matching wedding dress can bring out the positive sides of your body. Let the saleswoman in the salon advise you, because more fabric on a dress does not mean a slimmer silhouette. For very thin women, beautiful corsages can conjure up wonderful décolletés. If you like to cover your arms - long sleeves, whether made of lace or not, are very trendy. For brides who are not slim, wedding dresses in A-line or mermaid shape often look more flattering than a ball gown. On the other hand, they can make girlish figures look more feminine.

If you want to emphasize or cover a certain side of your figure, be open to the tips of the salesmen when buying a wedding dress - often professionals can best judge what suits your figure. But under no circumstances let yourself be persuaded to buy a wedding dress in which you do not feel comfortable.

Invest in high-quality lingerie

Before the wedding try on different lingerie together with your wedding dress. A push-up effect cuts a good figure, but it shouldn't look overdone. You can wear body-shaping bodyshaper lingerie to conceal small pads on hips and stomach.

Pay attention to well finished seams and high-quality materials. You should avoid lingerie that looks pretty but is uncomfortable. High-quality lingerie fits the body perfectly, because the most important thing is that you don't have to worry about your underwear. It feels best in soft silk or lace. Everything about lingerie for the wedding day can be found here 

Pay attention to a straight posture

The nervousness on your wedding day can easily make you sink into yourself. Therefore, consciously keep an upright posture - your figure looks more stretched.

Bring your shoulders back a little when you notice that you are not standing up straight. You can use this little trick especially when shooting wedding portraits.

Stretch your size with the bridal shoes

High shoes make a slimmer silhouette! You will automatically grow taller and your whole body will have an elegant and upright posture. But don't choose too high high heels, so that you don't get sore feet. Slightly lower and thicker heels are ideal for a long wedding party.

A practical alternative are high heels for the wedding ceremony and for the wedding portraits and afterwards ballerinas or sneakers for dancing at your wedding party.

Practice the best photo poses

In your wedding photos you will look natural and happy if you pose a little bit skilfully: Keep your back straight, shoulders back and chin slightly forward. Stand a little to the side and don't hold your arms too close to your body. It's best to make a direct comparison: Ask a friend to take photos of you in your wedding dress before the wedding and pose for fun: You'll be surprised what looks good in photos - a little tension can't hurt!

Use the engagement shooting before the wedding to practice in front of the camera. This way you will know on your wedding day which pose looks best on photos.

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