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What makes a wedding in spring simply enchanting

A spring wedding in the months of March, April and May is very popular with many bridal couples, because now nature awakens from hibernation and offers a dreamlike setting for getting married! The flowers sprout from the earth and the birds twitter in the trees even in the evening. With a cuddly blanket you can even sit outside and enjoy the blossoming trees and the first flowers in the garden.

The fresh colors of spring invite you to choose a nature-loving wedding motto, which is reflected in flower arrangements and table decorations: We present here the most beautiful trends for a spring wedding!

The perfect wedding dress in spring

A spring wedding dress may catch the freshness of the new season and play with the colours of spring: Small, delicate lace appliques are now particularly suited to the season. The trend is for wedding dresses with sleeves, here too the lace can be shown off to its best advantage in spring and also protect you from the odd fresh breeze.

But those who like to have their shoulders free will also get their money's worth in spring, as in the evenings one can throw a blazer or a nice scarf over oneself. Also matching are combination dresses, in which a removable top - usually made of lace - is custom-made. This can then be worn during the day and taken off in the evening.
Our favorites for spring are lightness, which is emphasized by tulle skirts and delicate lace: This fairy tale bridal look is ideal for a spring wedding!

The most beautiful wedding invitations with a spring touch

You're getting married in the spring? Then the late summer of the year is the right time to send out the invitations and get the guests in the mood for the spring motto! But even if you are getting married in autumn this year, you can adapt your Save-the-Date cards to the current season in design and colors. Invitation cards are often color matched to the wedding theme. For a spring wedding, flower motifs or classic cards with a cheerful color accent are especially suitable.

The perfect bridal bouquet for a spring wedding

An important part of a spring wedding are the flower arrangements! Because in spring nature blooms in the most beautiful colors and you can use the whole color palette of nature, but of course fresh colors are captivating: pink, white, light purple, green and a bright yellow! But be careful with the composition: When planning your wedding, choose two or three dominant colors so that the wedding doesn't look overloaded - unless your theme is: Colors - Fire free! Then let your joy with the colors run free!

The most beautiful spring flowers for the bridal bouquet are tulips, hyacinths, lily of the valley, forget-me-not and poppy. Also in trend: baby's breath! This can not only look great in the bridal bouquet and in the pins for the groom, but it can also be used to tie beautiful wreaths that look great in the location!

Wedding decoration for the spring

The decoration of a wedding in spring lives on colors! Of course it is a good idea to integrate the beautiful early bloomers such as tulips and hyacinths into the decoration: Flower arrangements can be extended to walls and the ceiling. A perfect match: White fairy lights, baby's breath and white candles! Spring flowers not only look great in the location, but can also be transferred to the wedding arch: If you are celebrating the ceremony outdoors, how about giving the yes-word under an arch of blooming tulips?

A cheerful addition to flower arrangements on the table are handmade pom poms for ceiling decoration. They radiate party atmosphere and are real eye-catchers, for example over the dance floor or over the buffet. The best thing about them is that they can be made in all imaginable colours and thus adapt to any wedding motto.

The perfect guest gift for a wedding in spring

How about a very special sweet present for your loved ones? Champagne bottles in pink are as sweet as pink macrons or white boxes with a pink bow. A golden Happy Wedding lettering, for example, adds an elegant touch to the wedding. Who wouldn't want to get such a nice surprise as a gift?

Beautiful hair ornaments for the bride in spring

For all spring brides: A wreath of flowers in the hair is pure romance! Genuine, delicate wreaths of flowers are naturally perfect in spring to complete the bridal look. If you want to wear the wreath all day long, you may consider using delicate silk blossoms. These will stay "fresh" all day long. With real flowers you have to take into account that they will probably have to be replaced several times during the day.

But also flower clips and flower combs - depending on the type of flower these can also be real - make a beautiful accessory to the dress. Very trendy are delicate pearls and crystals, which can be worked into the hairstyle in different shapes

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