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Top 5 countries in the world with the best food

Great and delicious food is loved by everyone; no one in the world can deny the fact that he or she does not like tasty and excellent food. The world is full of food restaurants. You can get food anywhere because many people on earth are involved in the food business. Having the best and most elegant food is the desire of any person. However, we find it difficult to find one that has the best cuisine.

If you are outside your country, you will need a few tips so you don't get lost in the wide range of flavors and aromas. We will provide you with a list of the best places to eat. What countries have the best products in the world? Let's get started! Don't get too excited, though, this list is a collection of amazing places! These countries are considered the best in the world.

1. Italy

Italy is the number one country with the best food in the world. It's hard to talk about Italian food, easier to enjoy. Original shades of Italian cuisine - green, red and yellow always create a wonderful mixture of taste and aroma. As a rule, all dishes are made of tomatoes, bread and olive oil. The real secret of cuisine is not in the exquisite cooking procedure, but in the quality of products. Italian food consists of cheese, olive oil and coffee. The Italian taste of coffee is recognized as espresso. Pizza is definitely the creation of Italian people. Italian chefs are extremely meticulous in cooking. They choose the highest quality ingredients for Italian cuisine. Olive oil is usually used in cooking.

2. France

French cuisine is quite innovative and modern. It has a long history and is mainly taught in various culinary schools around the world. Cooking French food is not the same as some other cuisines. There are many national dishes such as pate, biscuit, etc. in France. Cheese is also considered an invention by the French because they use cheese as a staple food. Wine is also served with French dishes.

3. Mexico

Mexican cuisine is a mixture of dishes from different European countries, especially Spanish. Mexican food includes beans, corn, chili peppers and so on. Chicken, beef, goat, pork, etc. It is also eaten in food that is included in the Spanish cuisine for Mexican food. The use of cheese as well as other dairy products was also unfamiliar to Mexicans, however, the Spaniards introduced the use of cheese in this place. African and Asian people also influenced Mexican cuisine. For Mexicans, food is associated with family and social ties. Based on them, great food at several festivals will improve love between families.

4. Spain

Every food lover should be aware of Spanish food. Spanish cuisine has a huge variety simply because of the different countries that have conquered Spain at completely different times. Spanish food mainly uses the style of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire has combined different mushroom dishes with Spanish cuisine. Almost 90% of the world's olive oil is produced in Spain, so Spanish food is served with olive oil.

5. India

Indian cuisine is based on the cultures and tastes of their inhabitants. People in India are very aware of their food choices. For India, the food is mainly based on religious groups. Some of them are vegans and some are not vegetarians. And a Muslim here only eats halal food. Indian cuisine is divided into 2 main components. Europeans and Mongols also had a great influence on Indian cuisine recipes. Indian food is also very spicy. Potatoes are actually the main food brought back by the Portuguese.

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