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6 ways to kill the sweet tooth

The habit of eating something sweet is associated with comfort and celebration, positive emotions and increased energy levels. Sugar, on the contrary, does not help to improve the body, but rather creates additional difficulties for digestion and metabolic processes. 

Usually "overdose" sugar is associated with impulsive overeating, and it is difficult to fight it.
Here are some ways to avoid eating sweets

do not overlook the snacks

If you're watching yourself want dessert in the afternoon, include healthy snacks in your daily routine. Avocados (guacamole is also good), curd with cherry or other fruit, or even regular boiled twisted eggs are good for this. 

plan your diet. 

Surely it'll take you some time to plan your meals. But it is worth it: a nutrition plan will help you avoid excessive hunger during the day, which leads to over-nutrition.

set mealtimes

Determine the time of day when you're most hungry for sweets. The easiest way to do that is to watch yourself for a few days. For example, if you notice that around 3 p.m. energy is zero, you want to eat some chocolate bar and you feel hungry - the body sends you a signal that at this time of day you can add a snack rich in protein - two twisted eggs, a handful of nuts, or a couple of baked apples.  Not only will it instantly make you feel better, but it will also improve your mood and reduce sleepiness.

spice up the food.

Of course, you can eat the same dishes and products every day, because they are sugar free. But diversity is life, so it is better to add spices and spices to make the dishes tastier. By the way, most available spices do not contain extra sugar.

prioritize your preferences

If you like fried chicken or some other calorie dish, remember when you want it the most. And after that, control how sweet you want it. And then replace the sweets with simple, healthy fruits and vegetables. 

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Explore new recipes, try new fruits and vegetables you've never even heard of, or combine different ingredients to create new dishes. By doing so, not only will you diversify your diet, but also give your body an extra dose of vitamins. 

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