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The most important wedding tips

I want it to be the best day of your life. So if you're planning your wedding, there are a lot of things to consider. You have to set a date, find a suitable location and send invitations to your loved ones. But not only the bridal couple itself is responsible for the preparations. Also the bride's parents, the witnesses and the guests have to think about a lot of things to make the wedding a complete success and an event that everybody likes to look back on. We will give you tips on the wedding to make planning easier for you.

Valuable tips for the bridal couple

Before the bridal couple can enjoy their day to the fullest, they should spend some time planning the wedding. It is important that you first determine the budget. On this basis, you decide how big the wedding can be, how many guests you invite and whether you will hire an exciting show act. Look around in time for potential wedding locations. Desired locations are quickly booked out. Especially if you want to get married on a certain date, you should make sure that a suitable location is available on that day. You also have to decide on the appropriate decoration and discuss this with the owners of the premises.

Important for all guests: the food. A rich buffet is always welcome. Of course, the wedding cake should not be missing either. A test meal helps you to choose both the dinner and the cake and to avoid bad surprises. Decide whether you want to get married in church, prefer a free wedding ceremony or whether a wedding at the registry office is sufficient. You should also think about a possible motto for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding tips for the bride 

On her big day she is the center of attention: the bride. So that you feel completely comfortable, you should be pampered from head to toe. Book a facial treatment with your beautician and a relaxing massage shortly before your wedding day. You should also have your nails beautified with a manicure by a professional. To make sure you are happy with your wedding hairstyle, it is important to make a trial appointment with the hairdresser. They will do your hair and you will discuss together whether you would rather be elegant or playful.
And: Visit shops for bridal fashions in time, so that you can find the dress of your dreams. Here you should plan enough time and start searching several months before the wedding. Most brides buy their wedding dress about a year before the wedding. Try on several dresses and decide on your favourite model. With a wedding dress you should not make any compromises. If there is a detail that bothers you, you should discuss with the dressmaker whether changes are possible. If not, you should continue to search until you find the perfect dress. Just listen to your gut feeling!

Tips for the groom

Just as the bride finds her perfect wedding dress, the groom should also choose a suit that fits him and the unique occasion. You should not necessarily choose a suit that you wear from time to time anyway. You should rather buy a model that is specially designed for your wedding. You should also think about the shoes. Decide on an elegant pair. Important: You should feel comfortable in your outfit. If you never wear chic shoes, it is not forbidden to simply wear a pair of sneakers. It is your celebration in which you let your personality flow. Also visit a hairdresser and don't forget to shave. Your hands should also make a neat impression.

Tips for the wedding day

On the wedding day itself the complete planning should be completed. You should be able to relax as a bridal couple and simply look forward to the big moment. Mishaps can quickly occur because of all the excitement. So be especially attentive and check twice to make sure you have everything you need. There is nothing more annoying than forgetting the key to the apartment. Should this happen to you, there are fortunately locksmiths.

To make sure you don't have to worry about anything, it is advisable to ask friends to check that everything is in order and to solve any problems. Usually the best man will take over this task. If you wish, you can also hire a wedding planner who will not only take care of the planning in advance, but also keep an eye on everything on the wedding day itself.

Wedding tips for best man

The best man is part of every wedding. They are usually close friends or siblings in whom the bridal couple has great trust. They are not only an emotional support, but also have some other important tasks. How these tasks look like and what needs to be considered, we will tell you and give valuable tips for the best man.

Tips for the maid of honor

As a maid of honor you are not only an important contact person for the bride on the wedding day. You are already integrated in the preparations. So most of the maids of honor are present when buying the wedding dress. Advise the future bride and tell her honestly if a dress suits her or not. But: Respect her wishes and personal taste and do not talk her out of her dream dress. On the wedding day you should always make sure that the dress fits well and take care of any problems that may arise, such as dirt and stains.
If the bridal couple marries in the church, you will receive the bridal bouquet. You will also be responsible for keeping an eye on the ceremony and making sure that everything is working properly. Not to forget: Before the wedding, you're in charge of the hen party. And to make sure that you also feel comfortable and radiant, you should buy a beautiful dress in time. After all, you play a big role on your wedding day.

Tips for male best man

As best man you are the first contact person for the groom. Accompany him to the selection of the wedding suit and help him with all preparations. At the wedding itself you will bring the rings to your friend. Give the bridal couple a relaxed day and evening by taking care of the smooth running of the celebration and - together with the maid of honor - take over tasks like decorating the bridal car. You are also the one who plans the big bachelor party, which should be unforgettable for your friend. You should also think about a suitable outfit. Even if you feel more comfortable in jeans and sneakers: Wear a chic suit and show your respect to the bridal couple.

Wedding tips for the parents of the bridal couple

The parents of the bridal couple play a major role both in the preparation of the ceremony and in the actual wedding. They are contact persons for your children and offer them emotional support if they feel stressed or excited. They also play an important role in planning and financing the wedding. Tips for the bride's parents as well as the groom's parents are given in the following.

Wedding tips for the parents of the bride

It is an old tradition that the bride's parents are heavily involved in the wedding preparations. They play a major role in the payment of the wedding dress, for example. Often you pay for it and thus fulfil the daughter's wish for her personal dream dress. You will also advise the couple on the guest list and possible seating arrangements.

But: The parents of the bride should only be involved in the preparations as much as the bridal couple wishes. Otherwise the bride can quickly feel patronized and conflicts can arise, which cloud the anticipation. The father of the bride takes on a particularly important task at the wedding: he leads his daughter to the altar and hands her over to her future husband.

Tips for the parents of the groom

The parents of the groom are there to advise the bride and groom - as well as the parents of the bride. While the bride's parents contribute to the dress, the groom's parents can also help finance the wedding. For example, they can pay for the son's suit or cover part of the costs of the celebration. In addition, the groom's father has the task of accompanying the groom - together with the best man - to the altar.

Wedding tips for guests

Not only the best man and bride and groom parents are valuable guests at a wedding. Other wedding guests such as friends, acquaintances or close colleagues also belong to the celebration. These should consider one thing or another to support the bridal couple and make their wedding day unforgettable.

Tips to be a good wedding guest

This begins with the invitation. Whoever includes an invitation to a wedding should definitely respond to it. This way the bridal couple not only knows whether you are coming to the wedding, but can also plan better - for example, when it comes to the amount of dinner.

Note whether the invitation contains a specific 
dress code. Maybe the wedding has a theme and the couple wants each guest to wear a matching outfit. This could be a dress in a certain color or a suit in a light vintage look. If no dress code is given, you should dress as elegant as possible. You must not steal the bride's thunder! Do not use white, because the bride is the only one who should wear this color. Black is not desired either, as it stands for mourning. If it is a church wedding, you should also make sure that your dress is not too short and your neckline is not too low.

At a wedding of course the gifts should not be missing. Often the couple publishes a gift list online in advance or creates a wedding table in the department store. Both contain the gifts that the bride and groom would be happy about. If you choose a gift from this list, you are on the safe side.

If both the bridal couple and all the guests, such as best man, maid of honor and parents of the couple, follow these important tips, a perfect wedding is no longer wishful thinking. It only requires loving planning and many helping hands to make the wedding a dream wedding.

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