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The coolest hotels for travel in 2020

Fortunately, comfort and luxury do not stand still either, but are expressed in new design solutions. And the proof of this is 5 fashionable hotels, which will open this year. What kind of hotels?

Le Grand Contrôle (Versailles, France)

The Airelles Château de Versailles is a fabulous 14-room hotel located in the Palace of Versailles. Rich 18th century interiors, gastronomic delights from Chef Alain Ducasse, a bar and restaurant near the greenhouse and a special view of Le Petit Trianon - a truly delightful opening. 

Arthaus Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon)

The trendy hotel in hot Beirut has a stylish building design.  Not surprisingly, as it was created by the hands of art collectors Nabil and Zoe Debs.  

It is not only a hotel, but also a center of culture, where you can enjoy the sophistication of the Lebanese art community. 

Kwessi Dunes, (Namibia Nature Reserve, Namibia)

A paradise for adventurers and safaris in the desert of Namibia Nature Reserve. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy the charm of the desert and the Starry sky. 

There are also ATV rides, hot air balloon rides and even a few day tours in the reserve. 

Coqui Coqui (Bora-Bora, French Polynesia)

Boho-shik is the main trend of this hotel, which opened in 2001 and is experiencing a revival today thanks to the efforts of hoteliers Nicolas Maleville and Francesca Rich. 

The coastal paradise was complemented by a secret garden house and even its own perfume.

Aman New York (New York, USA)

The legendary building in the heart of Manhattan is now not only an example of beautiful architecture, but also functional - its facilities and excellent views of Central Park will now be used by Aman. 
With 85 rooms and 20 suites, a five-story penthouse, restaurants, a spa and wine cellar, Aman is now available to guests. A special feature of the hotel will be a jazz club for the trendiest public. 

The hotels described above are good. But there is something more exotic. For example, hotels located under water. You probably haven't slept in a place like this.

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