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How to get rid of garlic smell?

The intensive tuber gives many dishes an aromatic taste. Not so nice, on the other hand, is the bad breath that lingers for hours afterwards and the garlic smell that sticks to your hands and seems to escape from every pore of your body. By the way, the bad smell is caused by allicin, a sulfurous compound that is produced when the tuber is crushed.

When does the smell of garlic disappear?

You have an important meeting, a date or any other appointment where you don't want your bad breath to be the focus of attention? Then you should play it safe and ban garlic from the kitchen up to two days before. That's how long it can take for the allicin to wear off. However, exercise can shorten the process. If you sweat a lot, the garlic smell will evaporate faster. In other words: an intensive training session can work wonders. However, athletes who train with you suffer from this, because the garlic smell escapes through your pores.

How do I avoid garlic smell?

Avoiding the smell of garlic completely is unfortunately hardly possible. However, you can reduce the smell. For example, fried garlic tastes and smells milder than raw garlic, which leaves the most penetrating smell. You can also use gloves to prevent the garlic from coming into contact with your fingers.

What neutralists unpleasant garlic odor?

Fortunately, there are home remedies that effectively reduce the smell of garlic, so that your colleagues and friends won't be too far away. This way you don't have to give up the tasty garlic and can continue kissing your partner without her complaining about bad breath.

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Drink a glass of milk

If you drink a glass of milk after your garlic meal, almost 50 percent of the sulfur compound in your breath is destroyed. The greasier the milk, the less the garlic smell remains.

Mix garlic with fresh lemon juice

If you don't want to smell of garlic after eating, you can prevent the smell while cooking. All you have to do is mix the garlic with freshly squeezed lemon juice. The citric acid neutralizes the enzyme alliinase, which is responsible for the garlic smell - the aroma is still retained.

Chewing parsley and mint leaves

The front runners against the garlic flag are fresh mint, parsley and sage. The essential oils contained in the leaves neutralize the taste and smell of garlic. If you chew the leaves for a few minutes after eating, you will soon no longer feel as if you have eaten garlic. However, this only works with fresh spices. The enzymes initially mask the smell, while the phenols additionally destroy the sulphur compounds, allicin.

With stainless steel against garlic hands

To stop your hands smelling of garlic, there is a very simple trick: Just rub your fingers on the stainless steel sink. The smell of garlic disappears after a short time. If your sink is not made of stainless steel, you can buy a special stainless steel soap. With the anti-odour soap you wash your hands under running water for 20 seconds. This will neutralise the smell of garlic, but also other odours such as cheese, fish or vinegar.

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