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7 unusual underwater hotels

Are you going to take a break from your superiors, wife, work, children, and hide from society in general? Congratulations. We've found places where you'll only have fish in your environment...

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Maldives is one of the most exotic places not only in the Indian Ocean, but also in the whole world. There are no dangerous animals or poisonous reptiles. But there is the island of Rangali with a private hotel and restaurant, located under the water at a depth of 4.8 meters. Incredible luxury and exotic, worth $815 a day.

Utter Inn

Be sure to check out the Utter Inn when you're in Sweden. It looks like an ordinary fishing hut. But if you go down in it, you'll see an incredible underwater aquarium of almost 8 square meters. Not so much. But you won't be eaten by sharks. They don't live there, though.

The most predatory ones are pikes and perch.

Manta Resort, Pemba Island

Zanzibar - an archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, an autonomy within Tanzania. It can boast of Manta resort - an unusual hotel, or rather a room for two, the price of which is $ 1500 per day. The best place to spend a chic honeymoon, to have a rest from the bosses

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.

Atlantis The Palm is a resort complex on the artificial island of  Palma Jumeirah in Dubai. Opened in 2008, it was built like Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau and was the first hotel on the island. It is available there:

  • Smoke and drink (restaurants are plenty);
  • the Dolphin Bay Delphinium (45,000 square meters);
  • walk around Aqua venture Water Park (160,000 square meters, the largest water theme park in the Middle East);
  • Lock into your room and look out over the floating fish through the glass walls of your rooms.

The Mile Low Club

It is also a worthy candidate for the role of one of the most unusual hotels in the world. You can get to it only by plane, it's not easy to get inside either. This is because it is located on board a submarine, which can still be in Greece today and tomorrow - somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.

The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai. 

Dubai is not only the coolest city in the United Arab Emirates, but also one of the most unusual cities on the planet.  Some of the richest people in the world live there, and incredible hotels are also being built there.  For example, The Water Discus Hotel: a luxury complex where people sleep right under the water of the Persian Gulf.  Sounds unusual, looks even better.  But tickets aren't for sale there yet.  The hotel is still under development and design.

Jules' Undersea Lodge

Jules' Undersea Lodge was once a science station in Florida coastal waters. Today it has been converted into a unique underwater hotel. It's only got two rooms, and to get there, you have to scuba dive. But in the hotel you can be alone, and even order a pizza, which a special service will deliver right under the "door".

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